We would all rather be running outside on a beautiful and sunny day, watching the leaves change on a mountainside or flowers blooming alongside a river.  But winter in the Northeast has none of that – it’s hard enough getting to your car or to the subway in the morning, much less spending an hour in below freezing temperatures and cloudy skies.  Luckily, New York City has that covered. With too many fitness studios to count, offering everything from barre to boxing, creating and keeping your fitness goals in NYC is as easy as swiping your MetroCard.

Set Your Intentions

It’s the holidays and with that can come a lot of stress or at least hectic activity. I absolutely love going to y7 Yoga for this exact purpose– especially on Hip Hop Wednesdays.  The heated practice is like a warm hug in this cold time of year and the slow movement coupled with the beats of artists like Kendrick Lamar (or Beyoncé if you’re lucky!) is perfectly balanced, giving mood-lifting motivation to each class. The quiet rest of the Savasana is the best place to reflect on the past year and visualize what you will achieve in the New Year.

Other great spaces to reflect + restore:

Find your Rhythm

We are the city that never sleeps, where the rat race never ends, and where “work/life balance” is as believable as the Tooth Fairy. When New Yorkers get an hour to themselves, most of us just want delivery and Netflix. That’s why it is so important to build habits when trying to keep fitness resolutions. When I am trying to get myself back into a routine, I always head to SoulCycle. I know that all I have to do is get myself through the front door, because once you clip into the bike, there is no turning back and you are part of the pack for 45 minutes. As you are working past the point you would normally give up, you are encouraged not only by your instructor but by your fellow riders, who cheer, dance, scream, and high five after a set of killer uphill sprints. I always know that no matter how long my week has been or how tired or out of shape I feel, I will be walking out of the class in a better mood and knowing that I achieved something physically that I would not have been able to do on my own.

Other great places to make fitness a habit:

  • 305 Fitness (Give your cardio an attitude with these high energy dance classes)
  • Mile High Run Club (Running inside has never been more rewarding)

Push yourself

Nothing is more rewarding when setting fitness goal than exceeding your own expectations, which is why I like to throw in an extra challenging class every once in a while to take my workout to the next level. When I want to really dig deep for an hour, I head straight to Barry’s Bootcamp. The combination of treadmill drills and weighted floor exercises is enough to break through any stubborn fitness plateau. The instructors are the definition of “firm but fair” – offering encouragement while holding you to the same high standard as the guy next to you who has definitely never eaten a donut or heard of a rest day. The end result is that you leave Barry’s feeling like a wet noodle, but also, and more importantly, like a rockstar.

A couple more places to test your limit and earn your brunch:

  • SLT (Strengthen-Lengthen-Tone on a modified pilates reformer)
  • 30/60/90 (A HIIT Workout at Equinox and NY Health & Racquet Club)

Mix it Up and Keep it Fun

As you look toward the New Year, the best way to break up the monotony of winter is to spend time with friends–but after all the indulgences of the holidays, why not do something together that your body will actually thank you for? Luckily in NYC, we have no shortage of fun events and classes happening around town.  I love checking out the Studio B at Bandier schedule – they have all of the newest classes, taught by the buzziest teachers in a large studio above their Flatiron flagship store. Sweating + shopping sounds like a great combo to me!

Grab your friends and GO:

  • The Hub at Lululemon (Classes and workshops at Lululemon stores)
  • SurfYogaBeer (These guys know how to keep fitness fun even when it isn’t surf season and some of the organizers are Health Warrior Brand Ambassadors!)