Introducing our New Plant Based Protein Powder

We’re always listening to feedback from our warriors. One of the concerns that we hear the most frequently is “I want more protein in my diet.” We hear you. We also heard the specific desire for plant based protein. We firmly stand by the belief that superfoods are the most nourishing foods on the planet and unnecessary fillers and ingredients don’t serve a purpose. We set out to formulate a protein powder that fits as many diets as possible and is powered by superfoods with none of the additives of other powders. Meet the new Health Warrior Superfood Protein Powder!

It can be tough to get all the nutrients your body needs – especially when it comes to protein. Adding protein to your daily smoothie or shaking it up for a healthy snack post-workout is essential to building muscles and supporting healthy body functions. While there are an overwhelming number of protein powders available, it can be tough to find the right one. Research has shown that many consumers are actively seeking to add plant based protein into their diets, especially protein that doesn’t include fillers and low quality ingredients – and that fit Whole 30, Paleo and vegan diets. At Health Warrior, we believe in using only the most nourishing, real, complete foods on the planet and realized that most protein powders on the market don’t live up to those standards. The solution? Introducing our NEW Health Warrior Superfood Protein Powder!

Health Warrior Superfood Protein Powder is the cleanest plant based protein powder yet. The protein is sourced from a superfood blend of pumpkin, chia, flax, and hemp seeds, and has 20 grams of protein in each serving. Unlike most plant based proteins that are formulated from pea protein (and often rice protein too) and thickened with gums, our protein blend has a much cleaner taste and texture without any unnecessary fillers. Because we only use real food, our protein powder is sweetened with monk fruit and thickened naturally by the flax and chia seeds. To take our protein powder a step further, we added probiotics – 1 billion CFU in each serving to promote a healthy and happy gut and ensure our protein is easily digested. Plus, we purposely paired the probiotics with prebiotics that come from chia and flax.

We know the world of protein powders can be overwhelming, so we’ve made sure to formulate our blend with ingredients you can recognize, while also filling in the gaps that other powders often miss. For example, fiber is essential for efficient digestion and reducing inflammation. So, we made sure our protein powder has 5 grams of fiber per serving versus the 1-3 grams often found in competitors’ proteins.

Our powder is also free of added sugar, gums, stevia, soy, dairy, and sugar alcohols. We avoided sweeteners many leading protein powders use like erythritol and stevia which can alter your gut microbiome and kill good bacteria. We chose to sweeten our powder naturally with monk fruit. Plus, our unique blend is friendly to Paleo or Whole 30 diets, free of grains, legumes, and added sugars. Most importantly, you’ll love the taste.

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