The Superfood Benefits of Grass – Yes, Grass!

Here at Health Warrior Superfoods, our days revolve around harnessing powerful superfoods into tasty snacks, meals, and treats. We’ve profiled acai berries, kale, ginger, mango – you name it! But, could the next big superfood trend really be as simple as something growing right in your front yard?

Meet the newest trend in superfoods – grass! The specific type of grass we’re talking about is in the Poaceae or Gramineae family. Like many of its leafy green counterparts, grass packs a nutritional punch with magnesium, iron, and fiber, making it an amazing food for overall health and digestion.

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of consuming grass, especially locally cultivated grass, is the allergy-fighting powers that comes with it. Much like consuming local bee pollen or honey, grass is coated with local allergens like pollen and dander. Consuming them in small and regular amounts may help the immune system build immunity up against allergens.

Want to take advantage of this amazing superfood yourself? Find a patch of grass that is out of the way of foot traffic and hasn’t been treated with any chemicals or pesticides. Simply snip a handful of green grass and consume raw for the best benefits.

Here are some of our favorite ways to consume superfood grass:

Grass in smoothies


Grass in salads



*Do not consume grass. It’s not a superfood.