As any athlete knows, pushing your body to its limits can bring changes and improvements that make you stronger, faster, and leaner. But at some point, you’re probably going to have some form of injury and need to slow down. It’s just a part of training – but does it have to be? Not when you’re training the Health Warrior Way.

Justin Norris and Taylor Gainor were working as trainers at a fitness boutique in Beverly Hills when they decided to take a different look at fitness. Seeing many clients whose bodies were not able to handle the high impact of many workouts.

Norris and Gainor then joined forces and started personal training with a focus on rehabilitating injuries. Their business grew at a rate so quickly that they had to expand into group classes and thus, their studio LIT Method was born!



“LIT stands for [Low – Impact – Training] and our method is designed to ‘build you not break you,’” Norris and Gainor said. They have created a training method that is sustainable and strengthens, empowers, and corrects your body. Their machines allow for little to no impact being placed on joints, can be done for a lifetime, and with the use of resistance bands can burn up to 1,000 calories in only 50 minutes.

Norris and Gainor are Health Warriors with their revolutionary programs that keep people active and moving for a lifetime.



The two trainers describe Health Warriors in their own terms as people who are, “striving to reach [their] full potential; being the very best you inside and out.”

If your body could use a tough workout that won’t leave you feeling achy, sign up for a class at LIT Method in Los Angeles.