How To Eat Chia Seeds: Our Top 6 Ways

Have you heard about the power of chia? It fueled Aztec Indians, Olympic athletes, and even everyone’s favorite superheroes (Mom and Dad). Chia seeds come from a plant in the mint family with a fancy name, Salvia hispanica. They were discovered a looong time ago and were used to fuel the toughest warriors of the past.

But you’re probably here because you already know why eating chia seeds is good for you. But just as a quick recap, they’re a great source of many nutrients that experts say we need every day: fiber, protein, healthy fat, calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, and more. They pack a big punch in a little package. Why not use these powerful little seeds to check the box on our daily recommended allowance? That’s why we’re superfans of this superfood.

Better health starts with the right ingredients. And this mighty little seed has even started a health revolution, and as a result, they’re also experiencing an exciting resurgence at local grocery stores. No longer do we have to seek out specialty grocery stores to find these powerful little packages. Now that they’re no longer hard to find, and they’re a very affordable way to pump up your health.

But how do you eat chia seeds? It’s hard to know where to start. Sometimes it can be as simple as sprinkling a serving into a glass of water, but there are other, maybe more appealing, ways to truly enjoy this powerful superfood. The best thing about chia seeds is how EASY it is to add them to the foods you already eat everyday. You don’t need to spend an hour whipping up a super special recipe or really even go out of your way just to add more chia to your diet.

Here are some quick ways to add chia seeds to your diet:

(Psst.. skip down to see more vegan-friendly options.)


Added to greek or non-dairy yogurt, chia seeds offer extra flavor and crunch. Even better — prep this overnight and give them time to mingle. What if you already add oats to your yogurt? Just mix it with your oat stash for a quick two-for-one deal anytime you want. Starting this off with breakfast lets you enjoy that feel-good energy all day long, courtesy of the tiny chia seed.

Chia Pudding

Creamy, thick, and sweet — chia seed pudding is big hit in the superfood world because of how these seeds can we be added to almost anything to make a superfood-packed tasty treat.. Chia seed pudding is made with your favorite non-dairy milk and set to sit overnight to create a yummy pudding-like texture. Check out some of our favorite ways to make it: Coconut Cream Pie Chia Seed Pudding, Sticky Bun Chia Pudding, and even Apple Pie Chia Pudding.


Just sprinkle them on your next salad like tiny little garnishes. Seriously! You’ll hardly even notice the addition. But if you plan on eating them regularly, trying adding them to a bottle of your favorite dressing. We pop them into balsamic dressing so they have time to soak up all the vinegar-y goodness before being added to our favorite leafy greens.


Any kind of oatmeal will do, rolled, steel cut, or quick. You probably won’t even notice them! We like to make a big batch of steel cut oats to portion out for future meals that we can refrigerate and eat all week long. Plus, there’s a lesser known benefits of adding them to oatmeal: these tiny little seeds are great at soaking up excess moisture for those who prefer their oatmeal to be a little firmer.


Blend em’ right up with your everyday smoothie ingredients. You won’t even notice them and they’ll pack a big nutrient punch. This is an especially great option for eaters who are super sensitive to texture. We have a ton of tasty smoothie recipes you can start adding chia seeds to, like the popular banana sunshine smoothie, the blackberry smoothie, or even the pineapple hemp green smoothie.

Health Warrior Chia Bar

Of course we have to mention Health Warrior Chia Bars. They come in 12 different flavors (with even more on the way!). Fruity, chocolatey, savory, you name it — there’s a flavor for every palate. At just 100 calories of gluten-free, vegan, and soy-free goodness, they’re probably the easiest way to eat chia seeds. No preparation required! Just tear open and enjoy. What’s even better is that they don’t take up much space in your backpack, purse, or pockets. Take them anywhere and everywhere for a bite of healthiness when you need it, wherever you need it.

With all that chia seeds can do for us, what’s not to love? Easy to prepare, easy to eat, and packed full of great benefits. Those were JUST 6 of our favorite ways to eat chia seeds. We could name at least a dozen more, but then you’d be here reading more chia seed recipes instead of actually eating more chia seeds! Once you master these easy methods, you can easily move on to bigger and better recipes. Now go enjoy more chia seeds!

If you have other creative ways to consume chia seeds, give us a shout-out. All hail the powerful chia seed!