The state of the world’s food

“Sugar is the biggest public health crisis in the history of the world”
— Dr. Robert Lustig

Just three crops – rice, wheat, and corn — provide more than 60% of all calories consumed in America, in highly refined format. This is a problem because our diets are heavy in calories, sugar and saturated fat and low in nuts, seeds, beans, fruits, and vegetables. Heavy calories, low nutrition.

Health Warrior’s role in the food revolution

Health Warrior exists to #getbetter – our culture of intra and inter continuous improvement is our reason for being. You warriors who have been here since the beginning might remember when we launched the original Chia Bar in 2012. That Chia Bar came in one flavor (Peanut Butter), with a somewhat strange (but delightful) dispenser, black chia seeds (teeth), and didn’t taste that great. But you still bought them and ate them and got that satiation and good, clean energy! In 2013, the Chia Bar was the best-selling new bar in America’s natural and organic grocers. Now, many moons later, we have twelve Chia Bar flavors in distribution in every state in the USA and showing up across the globe. They are delicious. They only use the highest quality white chia seeds (Stuck in your teeth? No one will ever know- enjoy them later!). We have continually worked on the consistency, ingredient quality, and flavors to bring you the most powerful and delicious 100 calorie snack on the planet.

But we have to do better.

As Michael Pollan told us in the Omnivore’s Dilemma, most packaged food is junk food, and most food Americans eat is packaged food – this one fact has set a massive health crisis upon us. The health crisis we are in the throes of right now has more obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease than at any time in recorded human history and all because we are overfeeding on empty calories. This generation of kids is the first predicted to have shorter lifespans than their parents. As someone wise said recently, if a foreign nation was doing this to our kids, we would invade them.

When we set out to make the original Chia Bar, Dan, Nick and I had trouble finding an experienced food industry product developer who would push towards our two big goals:

1) nutrient-dense superfoods as the 1st ingredient and

2) 75% less sugar than the rest of the “nutrition bar” set.

Make no mistake: the majority of “nutrition bars” are, in fact, candy bars and are absolutely going to end up on the wrong side of nutritional history, and soon. But we believe that when humans endanger themselves, our collective protective instinct – call it culture – pulls us back from the brink.

Sugar is absolutely the new tobacco.

Meet the new Chia Bar

Now we are taking our small but mighty Chia Bar – our David v goliath – to the next level. We are launching brand new Chia Bars with a new and even more powerful recipe. These new Chia Bars have only 3g of sugar (less than ¼ of a teaspoon). The absolute lowest amount of sugar for any bar in the USA without using fake and artificial ingredients to get there. We’ve leveled off the calories to be 100 calories across all flavors. More, they taste better than ever, with an improved consistency and brilliant new premium packaging (i.e. not only did the bars get more fit, they got some sweet new clothes to celebrate). Omega 3 essential fatty acids, full spectrum amino protein from real food, a great source of fiber, bizarrely satiating hydrophilic properties – all with with de minimus sugar and delicious flavors. Truly a bar like no other.

A true snack should not be more than 100 calories if that snack is jam packed with nutrient dense whole foods. The Chia Bar is the paradigm of what a “snack” can and should be (when it’s inconvenient to take carrots in your purse). You are going to love them. And above all else, we value you letting us make food for you and your family.