Adding a standing desk to your office setup is a good first step to being healthy during your workplace. If you’re getting stiff on your feet though, try some of these exercises to build strength while answering emails.

Single Leg Balance & Reach: slightly bend knees and balance on one leg, lift other leg off ground and bring from your front to your side to behind. Do equal reps on both sides.

Invisible Chair Squats: Pull shoulders back and chest up, slowly sit back as if you are sitting in chair, slowly come back to standing position.

Tricep presses: Bend at the hips and keep back straight. In one hand hold hand dumbbell with arm at 90* angle, extend elbow to straighten arm, bring back to 90*. Do equal reps with both arms.

Calf Raises: Keeping legs straight, raise yourself on the balls of your feet and then slowly lower back into a standing position.

Push Ups: Putting your hands on your desk, walk your feet back until pack is straight and your arms are extended, lower your body slowly toward your desk and then push back up.

Quad Stretch: From a straight posture, engage your core and tighten your glutes. Reach behind and with one arm grab the ankle of the leg from the same side, push hips forward to feel stretch down thigh in your quadricep. Repeat for both sides.

Tricep Dips: Facing away from your desk, pull yourself into straight posture and engage your core. Reach behind you and grip the edge of your desk, lowering your body to have your hips and knees at 90* angles. Lower yourself and then push back up with elbows facing back.

Bicep Curls: Starting with straight posture and engaging your core, take a hand dumbbell and curl your arm toward your chest while keeping shoulders square.

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