Yes, superfoods are wonderful for your health when a part of your diet, but did you know they’re also nourishing for the skin too? The same ingredients in our Chia and Pumpkin Seed Bars contain different benefits for your skin ranging from being ultra-hydrating to purifying to smoothing. The best part? You can make your own superfood face masks using foods you already have around! Here are a few of our favorite ingredients:


Pumpkin puree


Chia seeds

Activated charcoal

Green tea

Olive oil




Avocado and pumpkin puree make for sturdy bases and then you can sprinkle in other ingredients based on your skin needs. Need a hydration boost? Try oats and honey. Want a glow? Turmeric and olive oil is the way to go! The combinations are endless so you can tailor your superfood face mask to your liking. Like all whole foods, however, without preservatives, these masks won’t stay fresh long so make them in small amounts or be ready to share with friends and family. Cucumbers for eyes are optional, but highly encouraged.

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